Clinic of Nutrition and Diet Therapy
Dr. Mohsen Nematy

Address: Mashhad, at the corner of Parastar Street
Phone: +98(51)38460320

Clinic of Nutrition and Diet Therapy
Dr. Mohsen Nematy

In this clinic, primary prevention is designed with the aim of preventing underweight, nutritional short stature, precocious puberty, overweight, obesity, blood lipid disorders, high blood pressure, fatty liver, cardiovascular attacks, strokes, diabetes and cancers associated with nutrition. This is done through modification of lifestyle with proper diet and proper exercise program.

In the case of the above diseases, secondary prevention aims at preventing the complications of such diseases, such as backache, knee pain, snoring, diabetic ulcers, kidney failure caused by diabetes, short stature, gestational diabetes, anorexia and underweight due to cancer, and etc. This important is again achieved through proper diet, medication and proper exercise program.

In the case of the above symptoms, tertiary prevention will be taken with the aim of maintaining and improving the quality of life during illness.

Dr. Mohsen Nematy

Nutrition Specialist

Dr. Mohsen Nematy, born in 1968, spent a period of general medicine at the Medical College of Mashhad in 1994. He graduated MSc in nutrition at King's College London and finished his PhD in clinical nutrition at Imperial College London, in England.

From 2006 until now, Dr. Nematy is engaged in training medical and nutrition students as faculty in the Department of nutrition at the Medical College of Mashhad. Educating both in medical school and specialized school of nutrition, makes it possible for the doctor to design nutritional diets and to treat diseases simultaneously.

How to make an appointment

Specialist’s section
Visiting hours of specialist’s section:From 4 pm to 9 pm
How to make the doctor's appointment:Every week, from wednesday at 4 pm, you can make an appointment for each day of the coming week by using the Appointment System provided in the site.
Patients who are not able to use the appointment system, can visit the clinic every day from 8:30 pm to 10 pm.
Phone number:(+98)51-38460320
Visit without appointment is only possible in exceptional cases or with the introduction from other doctors, and only in case of cancellation of other booked times.
Body contouring and skin section
Visiting hours of body contouring section:From 8 am to 8 pm
How to make an appointment:After medical diagnosis and consultation with experts, the appointment is made
Direct phone number:(+98)51-38428080
How to contact nutritionists:For this you can use the Contact Us section.

How to get there?

Address:Mashhad, Ahmedabad Street, at the beginning of Parastar Street (Ahmedabad 2), No. 1, second floor (the top floor of doctor Moayed’s laboratory)
Parking near the clinic:Dr. Shariati square, Zist Khavar commercial complex
Bus lines close to the clinic:Line 10: Vakil Abad terminal – Ghadir terminal, Ghaem Hospital stationLine 22.2: Shariati terminal – Gardeshgari terminal, Shariati terminalLine 38: Khaje Rabi terminal - koohsangi, Shariati squareLine 86: Beit al-Moghadas Square - koohsangi, Shariati square
Metro stations close to the clinic:Ghaem Hospital subway stationShariati Square subway station
Clinic of Nutrition and Diet TherapyDr. Mohsen Nematy
Address: Mashhad, At the Corner of Parastar Street (Ahmedabad 2)
Phone Number: (+98)51-38460320
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